Lot Purchase Form – Individual
This form is used to purchase vacant parcels in an individual name. There is no bid process on lots. They are purchased outright.

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House Bid Form - Individual
This form is used for placing a bid on a property with a structure in an individual name

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House\Lot Form - Company
This form is used for purchasing vacant lots or bidding on a structure that will be deeded in a company name.

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OPTION 1 | Download / Open / Print / Complete Form by Hand / Send Back
OPTION 2 | Download / Open / Fill in Digitally / Print / Sign / Send Back
OPTION 3 (If you have digital signature capabilities) | Download / Open / Fill in Digitally / Add Signature / Send Back

Forms may also be completed at the ACCDC office.

1. Vacant Lot Purchase

The ACCDC Lot List is available on this website, may be requested through an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a copy may be picked up from the front counter of the ACCDC office.

  • Vacant lots are sold at a set price as stated on the lot list.
  • Complete the appropriate purchase form from this website or at the ACCDC office.
  • Submit the completed form through email or at the ACCDC office.
  • The closing is scheduled after the purchase form is received.
  • Payment is submitted at the closing in the form of a cashier’s check or money order.
  • Lots are sold on a first come, first served basis with preference given to adjacent property owners


2. Structure Purchase

Residential or commercial buildings for sale are advertised on the ACCDC Facebook page and at the ACCDC office.

  • Each property has a minimum bid amount listed. Only bids made at this amount or higher will be accepted.
  • Bids may be completed at the ACCDC office or through this website and emailed to us during the open bid period.

The bid period lasts for two weeks and runs Thursday to Thursday.The first 13 days are the ‘open bid period’ and the high bid is posted on the ACCDC Facebook page and at the ACCDC office.You may submit one bid per day by submitting a new purchase form.

On the last day of bidding, the 14th day, only sealed bids are accepted at the ACCDC office from 9:00 – 10:00 am. Bid forms and envelops are available to the ACCDC office. Bid forms are also available on this website at the top of this page and may be dropped off by you or your representative during this time period. You do not have to appear in person .Please put your name and the address of the property of the outside on the envelope.

Bid Opening is held at 11:00 am on the same day that sealed bids are accepted.Bid Opening is held at Citizens Square, 200 E Berry St. Room 185.It is open to the public.

Closing must be completed with one week of the bid opening.

A cashier’s check is required for the full amount due.

At the closing, the buyer will receive a copy of all the closing documents.

The official “recorded” quit claim deed will be mailed as soon as it is returned from the Recorder’s Office. This usually takes about two weeks.

The property is not officially yours until the deed has been recorded.

DO NOT invest any money or make any improvements to your property until you receive the deed, making the property legally yours.

You will receive your Quitclaim Deed in the mail which will look like the sample document below.


Your Quitclaim Deed with your name, mailed to you from the ACCDC, is your official and legal document of record showing legal ownership of your property. Beware of any other organization, such as National Record Service, Inc., who may send you information implying that you need to pay a fee to them in order to receive an "official" or "certified" deed. That is NOT true.


3. "AS IS" Transaction

All ACCDC properties are sold as an "AS IS" transaction. There is no warranty or guarantee of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the condition of the real estate, its improvements, fixtures, utility systems, personal property, etc. THE BUYER RELEASES SELLER FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY RELATING TO ANY DEFECTS OR DEFICENCIES AFFECTING THE REAL ESTATE, and agrees to purchase the real estate "AS IS". Further, no warranties or representations will be given regarding the marketability of the title. Although all ACCDC properties receive a court order to clear the title, the Buyer will be responsible for obtaining any survey, title search, and cleaning any liens or encumbrances of record if any still remain.


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