Listed below are the Top Ten taxpayers for certain areas. Please click the links below to view the lists.

Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2023


Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2022


Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2021


Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2020


Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2019


Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2018


Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2017


Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2016


Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2015


Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2014

pdfAllen County 2014
pdfCity of Fort Wayne 2014
pdfCity of New Haven 2014
pdfFort Wayne Community Schools 2014
pdfNorthwest Allen County Schools 2014
pdfSouthwest Allen County Schools 2014
pdfEast Allen County Schools 2014
pdfWayne Township 2014

Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2013

pdfAllen County 2013
pdfCity of Fort Wayne 2013
pdfCity of New Haven 2013
pdfFort Wayne Community Schools 2013
pdfNorthwest Allen County Schools 2013
pdfSouthwest Allen County Schools 2013
pdfEast Allen County Schools 2013
pdfWayne Township 2013

Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2012

pdfAllen County 2012
pdfCity of Fort Wayne 2012
pdfCity of New Haven 2012
pdfFort Wayne Community Schools 2012
pdfNorthwest Allen County Schools 2012
pdfSouthwest Allen County Schools 2012
pdfEast Allen County Schools 2012
pdfWayne Township 2012

Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2011

pdfAllen County 2011
pdfCity of Fort Wayne 2011
pdfCity of New Haven 2011
pdfFort Wayne Community Schools 2011
pdfNorthwest Allen County Schools 2011
pdfSouthwest Allen County Schools 2011
pdfEast Allen County Schools 2011
pdfWayne Township 2011

Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2010

pdfAllen County 2010
pdfAllen County (2) 2010
pdfEast Allen County Schools 2010
pdfFort Wayne 2010
pdfFort Wayne Community Schools 2010
pdfNew Haven 2010
pdfNorthwest Allen County Schools 2010
pdfSouthwest Allen County Schools 2010
pdfWayne Township 2010

Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2009

pdfAllen County 2009
pdfAllen County (2) 2009
pdfEast Allen County Schools 2009
pdfFort Wayne 2009
pdfFort Wayne Community Schools 2009
pdfNew Haven 2009
pdfNorthwest Allen County Schools 2009
pdfSouthwest Allen County Schools 2009
pdfWayne Township 2009

Top Ten Taxpayer Lists 2008

pdfAllen County
pdfAllen County (2)
pdfEast Allen County Schools
pdfFort Wayne
pdfFort Wayne Community Schools
pdfNew Haven
pdfNorthwest Allen County Schools
pdfSouthwest Allen County Schools
pdfWayne Township


Nicholas D. Jordan, CPA

 Auditor of Allen County

Auditor's Office

Contact Info

1 E Main Street, Suite 102
Rousseau Centre
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm

Phone: 260-449-7241
Fax: 260-449-7679

Nicholas D. Jordan, CPA
Finance and Budget Director
Jackie Scheuman, CPA
Property Tax Administrator
Renata Renninger