Allen County currently has a Local income tax rate of 1.48%. Under Indiana Law, the Local Income Tax Council(Council) has the power to impose, increase or decrease the county income tax in Allen County.  The Local Income Tax Council membership consists of the fiscal body of the County and each municipality within the County, with votes being determined based on population.  Therefore, with approximately 70% of the population, the City of Fort Wayne has the majority vote for the Council.  Current vote allocation: pdfAllen County Income Tax Council vote certification-12/12/22

The local income tax withholding and remittance process is completed through the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR). The following are some DOR links related to the local income taxes:

-Indiana Department of Revenue Departmental Notice #1:DOR notice 1

-Credit for Taxes Paid to other States and Localities: 

-Individual Income Tax Forms:


As of October 1, 2017, the 1.48% is comprised as such:

-.4821 for Local Income Tax Certified Shares (LIT) IC 6-3.6
-.53 for LIT Economic Development IC 6-3.6
-.10 for LIT Public Safety IC 6-3.6
-.3679 for LIT Property Tax Relief IC 6-3.6

For more information regarding county income tax distributions, please click the following link: 

If you have further questions regarding the assessment and distribution of local income taxes, please contact the Allen County Auditor's Office at 260-449-7241 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Allen County Auditor's office does not assist in the preparation of individual income tax returns.



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