The Allen County Coroner's Office supports college level "Internship" programs. One student is accepted per semester.

This is a non-paid program

Institution Requirements: The sponsoring institution must be at Junior College level or above. A professor must recommend the applicant by providing a written recommendation complete with a student resume. Documentation that the applicant is enrolled in an accredited course of study in a related field is also required.

Intern Requirements: The intern will need his/her own insured and dependable transportation, (Will include some death scene work and autopsy assignments). Computer skills with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access are necessary.

Important note: Since Coroner's deal with protected medical information and death investigations there are statutory penalties for disclosure of confidential information. Interns are required to agree with, and sign, an agreement prohibiting disclosure of confidential information protected by law. Interns are required to adhere to this agreement and could be prosecuted for violations for failure to do so.

Contact: Rebecca Maze, Deputy Coroner 260-449-7389 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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