Drainage Board meetings are held in the Council Courtroom at Citizen's Square in Suite 035 (in the garden level).

Meetings will begin at 9:30am (effective August 25, 2011)

All Allen County Drainage Board actions are reviewed and processed through this office. Maintenance and reconstruction work on the county's 2,500 miles of regulated drains and ditches are designed, bid and managed by the Surveyor's Office. Assessments for drainage improvements are calculated by the Surveyor's Office. We also respond to and investigate petitions for the removal of obstructions in mutual drains and natural surface watercourses.

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Jeff Sorg

Allen County Surveyor

Contact Info

200 E Berry Street Ste 350
Citizens Square
Fort Wayne, IN 46802


M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm

Phone: 260-449-7625
Fax: 260-449-7627

Allen County Surveyor
Jeff Sorg

Hydrologist/Office Manager
Larry Weber

MS4/Stormwater Quality Program Manager
Matt Jarrett, CPMSM

Drainage Board/General Office
Cheryl Zurbrugg
Danielle Hilworth

Drain Assessments
Joe Magsam

Drain Maintenance
Jeremy Freimuth
Larry Wasson
Dan Smith
Brian Knitter

Drain Reconstruction
Michael Yoder

Cornerstone Fieldwork
Matt Jacobs
Eric Armstrong
Crew Phone: 260-449-4234

New Development Construction Inspection
Jack Gensic