Indiana School Safety

Keeping schools in Indiana safe is a community-wide responsibility. Students face many risks and hazards in their learning environment. This includes in school, at home, on the sports field, or at leisure. We take a holistic approach to school safety. We develop programs and processes that consider the whole student's safety and security.

The Indiana School Safety Hub provides streamlined information and safety-related resources for our entire learning community.  Visit the Indiana School Safety Hub site to learn what we are doing to secure our schools.

If you want to learn even more about education in Indiana, visit the Indiana Department of Education website.

Allen County School Safety Commission

This commission includes representatives from each of the four K-12 Allen County school districts and most private and parochial K-12 schools.  The Commission discusses school safety issues of common interest and shares best practices amongst the members.  It is organized as described under Indiana Code 5-2-10.1-10. It includes county-wide public safety, justice, public health, and youth services agencies.

The Allen County School Safety Commission meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 9:00 AM. They meet in the Community Meeting Room of the New Haven City Hall located at 815 Lincoln Hwy E, New Haven, IN 46774