Frequently Asked Questions - Auditor FAQ's

FAQs - Auditor FAQ's

General questions may be submitted to: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it. This email is monitored daily and we will answer as quickly as possible.

After we calculate your refund, we will mail detailed instructions on how you can receive it. You will need to sign and return the forms we send you and provide proof of your payments. Please allow 2-3 weeks to process.

Contact the County Assessor at 260-449-7123 or if you live in Wayne Township call 260-449-7173.

Since there are so many changes that can be made to a deed, it is impossible to address all scenarios here; a good rule of thumb is, if you make a deed change, re-file all deductions.

Because of the importance of your tax records, we cannot accept verbal requests to make changes. We also cannot accept a letter. We must have the proper forms on file to make address or other changes. Many of the forms you need are available at Property Tax Deductions and Change of Address or contact the Auditor's office at 260-449-7241.

With the exception of mobile homes, which is explained later, Deduction applications must be completed and dated by December 31 of the year before the first year the taxpayer wishes to claim the deduction and must be filed in the Auditor's office or postmarked on or before January 5th of the year the taxpayer wishes to obtain the deduction (example: file in 2014 for deductions effective 2014 pay 2015). All deductions have qualifications that must be met for the deduction to apply. Mobile home deductions must be filed by March 31 and the mobile home must be owned by January 15. Missed filing deadlines will result in your deduction not being applied until the following year.

Here are a few resources regarding Indiana Property Tax Deductions:

pdfIndiana Property Tax Benefits

Allen County Auditor's Office Property Tax Deductions page:Deduction Forms

Department of Local Government Finance(DLGF) Deduction Info:Property Tax Deduction Info

The Standard deduction is a part of the Homestead deduction and is given
automatically when you apply for the Homestead deduction.


Drain bills are assigned by the Surveyor's office. A drain can go many years without needing repairs and so no bill may be assigned. When repairs are made or are needed, drain bills are assigned so those properties that use the drains are ones who pay for their maintenance. Please contact the County Surveyor's office at 260-449-7625 for more information about drains.

The Sales Disclosure form was created by the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) to comply with IC 6-1.1-5.5. The forms are used by local assessing officials and the state for a variety of purposes including sales ratio studies, equalization, and annual market adjustments of assessed values in non-reassessment years. The form is an attempt to collect information required to describe a parcel and to determine the validity of its sales price for use in assessment studies.

State statute IC 6-1.1-26-6 requires us to collect proof of payment. As a practical matter, collecting proof protects you the taxpayer from errant or fraudulent claims.

According to Indiana State Statute I.C. 32-21-4-1 it states in part "The following must be recorded in the Recorders office... A conveyance or mortgage of land..." Not only is it statute but in the Recorder's Office, a permanent electronic record is made and kept and, the Recorder's number is the official record number that you would use if you ever need to do a search for that document.

The Public Access Tax Info (PATI) has lots of information relating to properties including taxes, assessed values, deductions, ownership and address information, and print assessment property record cards and tax statements.

The only deduction that needs updated when refinancing your mortgage is the mortgage deduction.


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