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Yes, unless you want to vote for a public question only.  Otherwise, you must select either a Democratic or Republican ballot to vote for candidates who will be on the general election ballot.

In Indiana, your party affiliation is determined by how you voted in the last primary election in which you voted. 

You can review your sample ballot at our website to review the candidates or questions on your ballot.

No.  You must vote for at least one candidate or question in order to vote, but you do not need to mark a vote for every office or question on the ballot. 

Ask the Inspector to call the Voter Registration department to research your registration.  If there is still a problem, you can vote a provisional ballot.  The content of a provisional ballot is no different from a regular ballot, but it is cast “provisionally” until election officials can research the voter’s eligibility to vote. 

To vote a regular ballot during early voting or on Election Day, you must show Photo ID.  Acceptable ID must:

  • Display the voter's photo
  • Have the voter's name which conforms to the name on the voter's registration (not match exactly)
  • Contain an expiration date, which must still be current or expired after the most recent general election
  • Be issued by the State of Indiana or the US Government

Some acceptable forms include the Indiana Driver's license or ID card, some state university IDs, Military IDs, or US Passport.  Exception:  A voter who votes in person at a voting location located at a state licensed care facility who resides and is registered to vote at that facility is not required to provide proof of ID. 

Voters who do not provide a valid photo ID will still be able to vote a provisional ballot.

On Election Day, you must cast your ballot at the voting location assigned to your precinct.  You can find your assigned voting location at our website.

Contact the Allen County Election Board (260-449-7329), Indiana Election Division (800-622-4941), Federal Department of Justice (800-253-3931), or Indiana State Police (317-232-4338).

On Election night, we will post local results periodically on our website. 

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