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FAQs - Election Board - Vote Early

Allen County registered voters can vote at the Election Board office beginning 27-28 days before the election and no later than noon on the day before the election. Satellite locations open the week before the election with expanded hours. You can select any of the early voting sites when you choose to vote early. More details here.

No. A voter is not required to provide a reason to vote early at any early voting location.

Yes. All voters in Indiana must present a photo ID at a voting location before being allowed to vote a regular ballot.  Acceptable ID must:

  • Display the voter's photo
  • Have the voter's name which conforms to the name on the voter's registration (not match exactly)
  • Contain an expiration date, which must still be current or expired after the most recent general election
  • Be issued by the State of Indiana or the US Government

Some acceptable forms include the Indiana Driver's license or ID card, some state university IDs, Military IDs, or US Passport. 

Exception:  A voter who votes in person at a voting location located at a state licensed care facility who resides and is registered to vote at that facility is not required to provide proof of ID. 

Voters who do not provide a valid photo ID will still be able to vote a provisional ballot.*  

Instructions for marking and casting your ballot are posted in each voting location.  You can also review this video for instructions on how to vote on the Infinity Voting Machine.  The pollworkers can also answer questions about how the machines work, but not about specific questions or candidates on the ballot. 

A voter with a disability or who is unable to read or write English may designate anyone to assist them, including a relative or friend, except for a voter's employer or their union officer or representative. A voter may also be assisted by two poll workers (each of a different political party.) An affidavit must be completed BEFORE entering the booth to assist the voter.  No one who assists a voter may disclose information about how that person voted. 

Your voting location will have at least one booth and voting panel that have been designated for ADA use. These booths have shorter legs with leg extenders that make them more accessible to a person seated in a wheelchair. Machines designated for ADA use will have "Double Talk" hardware which will assist visually impaired voters to hear the ballot through headphones. 

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