Frequently Asked Questions - Treasurer - Demand Notices FAQ's

FAQs - Treasurer - Demand Notices FAQ's

To make payments a tax payer should do the following:

  1. Pay as much of the tax as possible before the due date.
  2. The remaining unpaid tax will be Certified to Court.
  3. After the tax is Certified to Court, the taxpayer should contact American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) at 1-888-317-2327 x500 and ask to be put on a payment plan. Collection fees and interest (which accrues on a daily basis) will still apply to the unpaid tax.
  4. Once taxes are current, the Treasurer's Office can offer payment options to help prevent delinquent Personal Property tax in the future.

The County Assessor sends a Personal Property Assessment form called a 103 or 104 out each year to businesses and individuals who own Personal Property. The tax is then calculated using this form. It is a "self-assessed" tax. There are penalties for filing late or not filing at all. If no filing is made, the County Assessor will estimate the amount of tax due. If you have more questions regarding the calculation of the tax or how to complete the forms, you should contact the County Assessor's Office at 260.449.7325.

Mobile Homes, which are a form of Personal Property, are assessed by the County Assessor on a yearly basis.

When business personal property taxes go unpaid, we mail a "Demand Notice" requesting payment of delinquent taxes. When the Demand Notice goes unpaid, it is turned over to American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) for collection. Interest, which begins to accrue daily from the date of Certification, and collection fees are applied to the original certified amount. Legal action may be instituted to help complete collection of taxes owed.

This would need to be reported to the County Assessor so they do not continue to assess this tax. You may contact the County Assessor at 260.449.7325.

A Demand Notice is a letter informing a taxpayer that they have unpaid Personal Property tax that is now delinquent and needs to be paid by the due date indicated. The Demand Notice also informs the taxpayer that if the tax is not paid by the due date, it will be "Certified to Court" which will add more costs to the original bill.

Payments of Demand Notices go to American Financial Credit Services (AFCS). Call for payment options 1-888-317-2327 x500.

Demand Notices are paid directly to American Financial Credit Services (AFCS). They have been contracted to assist the Treasurer's office with Personal Property tax collections.

You can mail payment to:

AFCS, Inc.
10333 N. Meridian Street, Suite 270
Indianapolis, IN  46290

Or pay online at:

Please direct inquiries to 1-888-317-2327 x500.

The few cents showing would be the amount of tax that was not paid and is now delinquent. All tax obligation needs to be satisfied without regard to the amount. There is no current state statute allowing the waiving of taxes (even a small amount). A five dollar processing fee is applied to all Demand Notices to cover the costs associated with the preparation, processing and mailing of the notices.

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