2024 Budget Process Doc's

pdf2024 Budget pre-allocation notebook

pdfCounty Council Review of DLGF Estimated 2024 Maximum Levy and Circuit Breaker credits

pdf2024 County Budget Hearing Notebook

pdf2024 Binding Budget Hearing Notebook


Budget Advertisements:

If you would like to view Budget Advertisement Notices and information for Local Governments, the following link will take you to the Department of Local Government Finance Gateway website: Local Government Budget Notices


Below are the historical Annual Allen County Budget Books in PDF Format:

pdf2023 Budget Book

pdf2022 Budget Book

pdf2021 Budget Book

pdf2020 Budget Book

pdf2019 Budget Book

pdf2018 Budget Book

pdf2017 Budget Book

pdf2016 Budget Book

pdf2015 Budget Book

pdf2014 Budget Book

pdf2013 Budget Book

pdf2012 Budget Book

pdf2011 Budget Book

pdf2010 Budget Book

pdf2009 Budget Book

pdf2008 Budget Book

pdf2006 General Fund Budget Book

pdf2006 Special Funds Budget Book

pdf2005 General Fund Budget Book

pdf2005 Special Funds Budget Book

pdf2004 General Fund Budget Book

pdf2004 Special Funds Budget Book


If you would like to view the 2015 Budget and Tax Levy advertisements for local governments in Allen County and other Counties throughout the state, please click the following link to access the new Indiana Gateway Budget Notices for Local Government website. Beginning with taxes due and payable in 2016, local government budget notices will not be printed in the newspaper and will only be available at the following website.

All Local Government 2015 Budget Notices available on Indiana's Gateway Website

If you would like to view all Local Government Financial Data, including expenditures and debt, please click the following link:

All Local Government Financial Data available on Indiana's Gateway Website

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