The following are Drain Maintenance Projects that are going to be bid for the Surveyor‘s Office.

If you are bidding, all proposals must be sealed and submitted to the Allen County Surveyor’s Office by the time and due date on the bid. Print the Company Name clearly!

Bids can be emailed however you are responsible to see that it has been received. You should receive an email response from us but if not, please call our office.

Your bid will be sealed until the bid opening. Email bids to both This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (In case one is out of the office the other can get it) Bid Results will be posted after they are opened and awarded.

You must be an approved Contractor through the Allen County Surveyor’s Office to bid. For more info please call our office 260-449-7625.

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File name Size Last changed
W Ringwalt MAP.pdf 781 KB11-13-2020
W Ringwalt BID.pdf 236 KB11-13-2020
Shoaff Dawson & Jerry Gump MAP.pdf 1.02 MB11-13-2020
Shoaff Dawson & Jerry Gump BID.pdf 294 KB11-13-2020
Schwartz MAP.pdf 1.37 MB11-13-2020
Schwartz BID.pdf 236 KB11-13-2020
Roy Delagrange MAP.pdf 1.61 MB11-13-2020
Roy Delagrange BID.pdf 236 KB11-16-2020
Rodenbeck No.2 MAP.pdf 1.53 MB11-18-2020
Rodenbeck No.2 BID.pdf 236 KB11-18-2020
Martin No.1 MAP.pdf 1.50 MB11-13-2020
Martin No.1 BID.pdf 236 KB11-13-2020
Jacob Koehlinger MAP.pdf 586 KB11-13-2020
Jacob Koehlinger BID.pdf 237 KB11-13-2020
Hoke MAP.pdf 1.14 MB11-13-2020
Hoke BID.pdf 260 KB11-13-2020
Herman Trier MAP.pdf 1.43 MB11-13-2020
Herman Trier BID.pdf 260 KB11-13-2020
Haifley MAP.pdf 1.21 MB11-13-2020
Haifley BID.pdf 278 KB11-13-2020
Fry Sovine MAP.pdf 640 KB11-13-2020
Fry Sovine BID.pdf 259 KB11-13-2020
Ferguson No.2 MAP.pdf 933 KB11-13-2020
Ferguson No.2 BID.pdf 254 KB11-13-2020
Duglay MAP.pdf 1.42 MB11-13-2020
Duglay BID.pdf 260 KB11-13-2020
Doctor MAP.pdf 1.65 MB11-13-2020
Doctor BID.pdf 91.0 KB11-13-2020
Bullerman No.7 MAP.pdf 1.22 MB11-13-2020
Bullerman No.7 BID.pdf 235 KB11-13-2020
Bobay No.1 MAP.pdf 750 KB11-13-2020
Bobay No.1 BID.pdf 236 KB11-13-2020
Belot & Mercer MAP.pdf 1.41 MB11-16-2020
Belot & Mercer BID.pdf 90.0 KB11-16-2020