What We Do:


  • Community Service Work Crew: Either referred from the courts, or used as a sanction, offenders can work off hours on our work crews from 8 - 4 PM weekdays and 8 - 3 PM Weekends and some evenings.
  • Home Detention: An offender may be placed on Electronic Monitoring for a number of reasons which is overseen by officers from the field division, communications division, and assigned case managers.
  • Community Transitions Program: Supervision by Case Managers for voluntary early release from prison.
  • Community Control: Joint supervision of serious and violent offenders with Allen County Adult Probation.


  • Substance Abuse: Substance Abuse Treatment is located at the ACCC and has three phases; Education, Intensive Outpatient, and After-care.

Education, Employment and Training

  • English Language Literacy (ELL): English Language Literacy is an 18- hour program designed to increase the verbal skills and word recognition of Non-English Language speakers. Students are exposed to and practice both pronunciation and comprehension of common English words and concepts. Lessons include subjects such as titles, directions, currency, employment and community services.
    • Choices Cognitive Skills: A skills-based education program teaches social skills and problem solving skills to better deal with adversity and work towards a pro-social attitude.
  • Adult Basic Skills : A Cooperative Learning environment enables adults with any skill level to work towards the GED while using the peer tutoring philosophy.
    • FOR a Change: Participants understand the intrinsic motivation for change, capitalizing on Miller and Rollnicks's stages of Change and T3 Associates Curriculum.

ReEntry Court Program

  • With judicial oversight by Judge David Zent, returning offenders from prison frequently appear to report their progress on electronic monitoring and the other above programs recommended. After a forensic assessment and a recommendation by the transition team, a number of social services are made available that include mentoring and employment services.